Below are the types of services I'm available to perform for your business. If you have a question about a particular service that is not mentioned below, please contact me and I'll answer any questions you might have.

Web Design & Layout

•  Professional quality web design using popular frameworks to ensure that your website looks great on all desktop browsers and mobile devices.

•  Beautiful, elegant, easy to use and robust web designs created specifically for your needs from start to finish.

•  Use of mockups, build and collaboration tools ensures that your website is planned out with a clear direction and maximizing efficiency during your project development lifecycle.

Web & Application Development

•  Customized development of your website or web application with clear goals set forth from the beginning of the project to completion.

•  Professional issue tracking and documentation provided in order to ensure that project deadlines and goals are met and that implementation and execution of your project is performed as you intended.

•  Search engine optimization (SEO), analytics, server performance and website security are all included as part of the services performed during and after deployment of your website or application.

I.T. Hardware & Software Services

•  All installation of hardware, software, operating systems and Internet connectivity performed at your location or using remote help tools anytime you need it.

•  Desktop, server, network wiring and management, virtualization, backups, migration and upgrades available no matter what your needs are.

•  Extensive knowledge and experience in managing and supporting I.T. infrastructure ensures that you get the best experience possible using the most advanced tools available.

•  24/7 support available on-site or remotely ensures that you and your users are not left in the dark once the services have been performed.

•  Security audits performed regularly using extensive knowledge of best practices and known vulnerabilities to ensure that your environment is secure and protected from unwanted intruders which prevents your valuable data from being exposed to prying eyes.

I.T. Consultation Services

•  Desktop, server and network consultation available when planning upgrades or migrations of your business.

•  Software and operating system audits performed to ensure that you are using the best possible tools available.

•  Recommendations made with a focus on privacy and security of your infrastructure regardless of your existing equipment or providers.

•  Consultation regarding website hosting providers, domain registration and registrars, setup and website migrations are available to ensure that your infrastructure is working optimally and without interruption.

•  Security, penetration and vulnerability testing against edge devices and servers are also available with recommendations on better securing your data.