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Brampton Madoc Softball League Members Site

Secure members-only softball league administration site

Website: https://members.bramptonsoftball.com

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Brampton Madoc Softball League Members Site


  • League management for registered players, administrators and executives
  • PayPal payments for league registration fees built-in with automatic player promotion after payment
  • SMS text message integration for game cancellations and other important league information
  • Customized dashboard and profile pages for easy access to players' upcoming games
  • Attendance and spare player integration with e-mail messaging
  • Custom membership types with optional fee implementations supported (player jersey numbers)
  • Player notifications via e-mail, phone, SMS text messaging or Twitter
  • Custom member roles for feature permission administration
  • User submitted content approval system
  • Responsive site with full tablet and mobile phone support
  • Accompanying public site


  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3 with responsive grid system
  • PayPal Express Checkout API


Dashboard PageDashboard Page

Events PageEvents Page

Team PageTeam Page

Schedule PageSchedule Page

Standings PageStandings Page

Photos PagePhotos Page

Add Photos PageAdd Photos Page

League PageLeague Page

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Mobile Dashboard PageMobile Dashboard Page

Mobile Navigation MenuMobile Navigation Menu

Mobile Member Login PageMobile Member Login Page

Mobile Team PageMobile Team Page

Mobile Schedule PageMobile Schedule Page

Mobile Standings PageMobile Standings Page

Mobile Photos PageMobile Photos Page

Mobile Add Photos PageMobile Add Photos Page

Mobile League PageMobile League Page

Mobile Rules PageMobile Rules Page

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