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Brampton I.T.

I.T. website for promoting software, hardware and helpdesk service business

Website: https://www.bramptonit.com

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Brampton I.T.


  • Products page
  • Services page
  • Experience page
  • Support page
  • Contact page
  • Access to client monitoring system
  • Theme integration and customization based on your personal preferences
  • Elegant and functional carousels grab your visitors' attention
  • Site administration gives you control over your own content


  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3 with responsive grid system


Home PageHome Page

Products PageProducts Page

Services PageServices Page

Testimonials PageTestimonials Page

Support PageSupport Page

Administration Login PageAdministration Login Page

Administration Dashboard PageAdministration Dashboard Page

Administration Testimonials PageAdministration Testimonials Page

Administration Add Testimonials PageAdministration Add Testimonials Page

Administration Edit Testimonials PageAdministration Edit Testimonials Page

Administration Settings PageAdministration Settings Page

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Mobile Home PageMobile Home Page

Mobile Navigation MenuMobile Navigation Menu

Mobile Products PageMobile Products Page

Mobile Services PageMobile Services Page

Mobile Experience PageMobile Experience Page

Mobile Testimonials PageMobile Testimonials Page

Mobile Support PageMobile Support Page

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