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PayPal Goes Down For A Few Hours, People Recommend Bitcoin

Sat. October 31, 2015 at 12:13 AM in Money & Business

PayPal recently suffered a power outage at one of their datacenters. People soon took to Twitter to suggest using Bitcoin instead.

From Twitter:

Twitter user suggesting Bitcoin over PayPal

It's easy to see why Bitcoin might be gaining ground lately. We've seen a surge in the price with a 30% increase in price just in October, and setting a record high price for the year. It's decentralized nature means it can never be taken down, unless you take down the Internet itself, which is one reason why more and more money is being poured into Bitcoin every day. With the Bitcoin block reward halving in mid-2016, and hundreds of millions of dollars being invested from venture capitalists, it will be interesting to see where Bitcoin takes us in the coming years.